Our Mission
"The mission of the Outlaw TOUR is to create a cost-effective, self-sustaining, "developmental" professional golf tour showcasing rising talent while promoting the growth of participants skills. The goal is to create an environment that becomes the battlegrounds of the Professional golf system and a checkpoint on the road-map to a PGA Tour card."

From inception, the goal of the TOUR has been to create an environment that is conducive to developing players talent by providing a cost-effective solution to "mini-tour" golf and a week in week out competitive atmosphere that becomes the "proving grounds" of the professional system. We want to be a reputable tour and plan to stir the pot, change, and innovate; always working on the players' behalf because we all were players ourselves. We will feature an Annual Charity benefiting from staff, sponsor and fundraising contributions and plan to help grow our local golf communities and businesses.

We are not in this to be the #1 mini-tour or compete with other tours. We are in this to help Professional Golfers, both male and female, develop their games and advance to the next level. You are the CEO of your own company as a professional golfer; we can help you with your game as well as scheduling, budgeting, and goals. We want YOU to succeed.

With the support of the players and community, the Outlaw Tour will be Arizona's Developmental Professional Golf Tour and the proving grounds of professional golf.

Thank You for your interest in the Outlaw Tour and we hope to see you at an upcoming event!


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