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The Childhelp approach to ending child abuse

At Childhelp, our goal is to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. We focus our efforts on prevention, intervention, treatment, and community outreach. Childhelp programs and services help children from any situation and let them experience the life they deserve: one filled with love. The principle theme across all of our programs is to provide children we serve with an environment of compassion and kindness.

Prevention Programs

The first step of Childhelp’s approach to ending child abuse is to prevent the cycle of child abuse from continuing. There are clear links among child maltreatment and future violence perpetration or victimization; studies show that about 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse children, continuing this horrible cycle. We believe the key to preventing child abuse is education and awareness, which is exactly what our prevention programs provide.

Intervention Programs

The next step of Childhelp’s approach to ending child abuse is dedicated to intervention and removal of children from abusive and dangerous situations. More than 80% of the children who die as a result of child abuse or neglect are not yet old enough for kindergarten, making it impossible for them to remove themselves from harmful situations. Childhelp’s Intervention Programs are dedicated to intervening and preventing these children from becoming part of the statistic.

Treatment Programs

Another step of the Childhelp approach is helping to treat children who have been affected by child abuse. The issue is substantial; a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds, which means we have a lot of work to do to help treat these children. Childhelp’s treatment programs exist to give children a safe haven with love and the tools needed to overcome their damaging pasts.

Through our prevention, intervention and treatment programs, we make a huge difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. By educating children and families, promoting prevention, intervening in abuse when it happens, and treating those who have already been affected by child abuse, we can stop child abuse, one child at a time.


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