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Southwest Section PGA Members & Amateur Golfers...
we now offer a discounted rate for you in our events!
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All PGA Members should be in good standing with their respective section & the National Office to redeem the discounted entry fee. Please provide the proper identification card at participating event.

If we start to get several amateurs in the field on a consistent basis, we will start an amateur flight. Until then, all players will compete in the open division. Amateur golfers should carry a U.S.G.A Single Digit Handicap Index of 2.9 or lower. Amateur players please provide the proper identification card at registration. Amateurs will receive payment in gift certificates, Pro Shop script/credit &/or may leave their winnings on the books and apply that amount towards future events. Amateur players will not be paid in cash or check in order to keep their status in good standing.

All PGA Members and amateurs will pay the same green fee, Outlaw Tour hosting fee, and transaction fee. The difference in purse contribution will be ½ of the professional contribution. 2 PGA Members, or 1 PGA Member/1 Amateur, or 2 Amateurs equal 1 Professional Purse contribution per entry fee.

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